wanna-funk-cdPaulo Mendonca – Does Anybody Wanna Funk / 2013

“Does Anybody Wanna Funk from Paulo Mendonca”
The Tracks are: BBB, Me And My Friends, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Birds And The Bees,Anybody Wanna Funk, 21 Century, On Top, Music Is The Power, Honey, Heaven, Remedy, Doggystyle

pmendonca95Paulo Mendonca – “11 pm” / 1995

“The third record with both groovier and rock´ier tracks”
The Tracks are: If You Come To Party, Hump Yeah, Spend Your Life (With Me), If You Ever Come Back To Me, Time After Time, She Says, Try, Two Faced Woman, Crazy World, You Are The One For Me & Change Our Ways.

pmendonca93Paulo Mendonca – Different Phases / 1993

“More of Mendonca´s funky stuff and maybe a little groovier this time from Paulo”
The Tracks are: Chocolate Chip & Chicken Bone, If You Want My Love, Just In Case, Different Faces, Brother, Get On Up, Come On In, The Powerhungry, 3rd Leg, People & Don’t Go Where Your Soul Won’t Shine.

mendoncaPaulo Mendonca – Respect My Aim / 1991

“Respect from Paulo Mendonca”
The Tracks are: Respect, What’s On Your Mind, Love Me Tonight, ABC, Ain’t Nobothey, Out In The Sunshine, Now Is The Time, , The A-Train, Flyin’ High.