Hey people, Mendo here…

I got some updates for you on the new album. I’m dropping some Singles on you before the album but more important, these are the bonus tracks, the extra goodies that I decided you get to taste before the main tracks!

The 1st one coming your way is a tune called “You Gotta Believe”, you’re gonna dig this one big time! A few months ago, I was getting together with Peter Iwers (P-Fonk) to co-write what was supposed to be the 1st Stoney Mountain song, the new project we have with our brother Jeff Scott Soto. I heard the little riff idea and away I went, the song basically wrote itself.

When it was done, I realized this was more a Mendo song than a Stoney one so I put it on the list of tunes for my next album. So here it is in all it’s glory, your 1st Bonus Single from me, The Mendo!